Amaferm® didn’t get the slogan, Power up Performance, Maximize Feed Value for nothing. Increasing the digestibility of feed results in more energy being available to the animal to increase performance parameters such as average daily gain and/or milk production. When bacteria digest, they produce the volatile fatty acids (VFA) acetate, propionate and butyrate. These VFA are the main products of the digestion of feed by bacteria. The VFA are then absorbed into the blood stream and carried to the liver where they are converted to glucose and fat for energy use by the animal. Amaferm® has been shown to increase total VFA production by an average of 16%. Amaferm®‘s affect is most noticeable when energy is most limited. (ex: early lactation, average daily gain, neonatal calves)

Amaferm® Impacts Total VFA Production
Total VFA increased on average 16.4% with Amaferm®